Friday, July 22, 2011

You've heard of

The Green Lantern, The Green Arrow,





The Green Apsos....

I have always said Green is Josie's color, she now matches her bands ;-)

We had a private lesson this morning, just as we arrived they guy was mowing....granted I am not sure I could have found my dogs if he had not mowed, but makes for Green Apsos ;-)

Suds was a little sluggish since it was kind of muggy, but he was a good boy.

Josie was stellar, awesome, fast weaves, very nice teeter, some beautiful dog walks and was a speedy little girl !!

Myth, hmmm, not super, but OK... kind of hesitant and a little tentative, very different from the trial where she was more confident and enthusiastic, hmmm.

Ella did not go to the lesson, we are currently working on building teamwork and figuring out what motivates her.


"Be curious, not judgmental" ~ Walt Whitman

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Michelle Tomay said...

Lost my baby girl just recently I miss Her loving attentive nature looking to adopt now and give back the same unconditional love they give to us my home just isnt the same now!