Sunday, October 24, 2010

She Weaves !!

With the weather so nice, I have been diligently working Myth on the 2x2 and by golly I think she has got it! It is amazing how fast they pick it up, we started working on the 2x2s and progressed from one set, to two, to three and gradually brought them close so they end up as a set of six weave poles. They are far from perfect, but look at her go !!!!

2 – 6 repetitions are about all I do, she tends to lose her enthusiasm and gets slow – very similar to Josie.

Speaking of Josie, here is a little clip of Josie’s weaves at home-how I wish she would do them like this at the trials..


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

AKC Eukanuba Invitational

Hotel is booked, flight is booked.......and Josie will not be going alone !!

It's official Little miss Ella will be going to the Invitational also.

She has been unofficially on the list but, I received her official invite !!!
Must go shopping for a new outfit ;-)
“You will never win if you never begin.” Helen Rowland

Monday, October 11, 2010

On going

Myth continues to oscillate between awesome teeter performance and being freaked by it…..sigh. Other than the teeter she is coming along beautifully, running sequences with drive and going out to jumps even better than Suds. In last weeks class she even went through the chute-several times!! She has been going through the chute at home, but the one at class is heavier (regulation) material so takes a little more to push through. She also seem to like the outdoors better than inside, I suspect it is because she is very space sensitive and the walls and others around are a little more pressure that she would like - as always, something to work on.

I had a little surprise last week….when Josie received her MACH I placed a notice in the American Lhasa Apso Club Bulletin, and when I received my copy there were 2 more pages with Little JO on them, seems I know some people who can keep a secret. The first on is mine ;-)…….lookee

This past weekend was our last outdoor trial of the year. Josie was entered Fri, Sat & Sun, Suds was entered Fri & Sun. I entered Suds at this trial because it is always cool and sometimes rainy – Go figure Friday it was 91 degrees !!!!!! NOT Suds weather, sign, he did manage to get a Q and 1st place in his Jumpers class – although I think he was the only one in it…It was just to Hot during his standard run and he missed his weaves, but he did to the whole course. Josie QQ (double Q’d) and earned 60 points, she won the Jumpers class- the only dog out of about 13 that Q’s, but was noticeably slower in her standard run, ended up 3rd. Saturday was Suds’ recovery day, Josie ran OK, Q’d in Jumpers with a 2nd place, but she had a little off course (the first in a VERY long time) in her standard run, the rest of the run was really nice, oh well…Sunday the duo ran in the morning (thank you) and is was a very nice temp for Suds, unfortunately as he was headed to the tunnel of which the entrance was places about a foot away from the ring fence a little girl and her papillon puppy were right there and Suds being the social boy he is had to stop and say Hi…..BUT he did come back to me and finished the course quite beautifully. Josie had a very good day, her Standard run was on of her best runs, AWESOME weaves !!! if only she would give me those weaves all the time….she only missed 1st place by less than 2 seconds and it was due to her oh so slow teeeeeeeter….her Jumpers run was really nice also, slower weaves but she was rockin; & rollin’ for 2nd place again. Ended the weekend with 2 QQs and 125 pts.
Josie's photos from the weekend can be found here;