Sunday, November 28, 2010

Awesome Agility Weekend

The gang and I had and Awesome Agility weekend. It started Friday when Josie and I went to TCOTC for and AKC agility trail, first run was standard.....she ran great, hit a really difficult weave entry - to bad it wasn't the obstacle she was suppose to take ;-) One of her best runs.....Next was Jumpers and she was just as good, this time we came away with the Blue ribbon ;-)

Saturday the entire gang and I headed up to On The Run for a CPE trial.....Myth's very first trial. We had to be there early to get Myth measured. No one was entered in the first class, first up was Suds in Level 2 standard and he aced it ;-) Josie was watching and didn't want to be outdone - beat him by......10 seconds, they ended up 1st & 2nd.

AND......... Myth ran for the very first time in competition and it was a smashing success. It was Level 1 standard and she was all for it. I had someone record her very first run, here it is;

She ran faster than she does at class, but I think it is because there are half the amount of obstacles in the ring at a real trial, so she is more confident as to where she is going.

Here is her second run CPE Level 1 Jumpers

Josie also ran Snooker Level 3, she was a rock star and won the class. Suds ran Jumpers Level 2 Q'd and was 2nd, here is his run;

Sunday had Josie and I back at TCOTC for AKC. First run was Jumpers, she started out a little pokey, did Q but to slow for a placing. Next up was standard, I really pushed her for speed on this one, very tough course, she was absolutely awesome, to bad she dropped a pole, I called her name for a turn just as she was jumping the jump, it was just a split second to soon. BUT her time was awesome, it was faster than the dog that won the class.

Thursday Josie, Ella and I head for Long Beach and the AKC Invitational --- Stay tuned.!

"It's all about the journey"

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pleasantly surprised

A local training facility, that none of my dogs have been to, had open gym last Sunday. Since I didn’t have any big plans, other than the mundane household chores, I packed up Suds, Josie & Myth and headed out.

The training area was divided into two spaces with courses in both.

Suds was first and WOW, was he super, ran fast and had fun.

Myth went next. I had no goals, at the very least I though we would hang out in the middle of the ring and Myth would get treats…..SURPRISE, she was all for it, with speed, one little moment of trepidation when she went up the teeter – it was close to a wall where there were several rolls of black matting stacked – scary Lhasa eating rolls, but she still did a really nice teeter and did it several more times. Her weaves were not so great but we did those later after she was a little tired.

The main reason we went to open gym was for Josie, she has a trial at this location in a couple of weeks and we have never been there before….and no worries, teeter was a little slow, as it always is especially on an unfamiliar one. Weaves were not to bad, not as good as at home but not to bad. I think she really liked the matting – she was running nice and fast, worked some courses at 12” and some at 8”.

Each dog got at least one session (about 15 minutes each) on each section, Josie did a couple more……….It was a good day…ended with one tired handler.

“If you're not making mistakes, you're not taking risks, and that means you're not going anywhere. The key is to make mistakes faster than the competition, so you have more chances to learn and win.” John W. Holt, Jr.