Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Where does it go? Been busy getting ready for the Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club Agility "A" match this Friday. The match will help us get licensed to hold AKC agility trials, which has the potential to generate significant revenue for the club. Suds will be running, Marsha is coming and running one of her Lhasas, not sure if Roman is running. Josie does not get to run –she is just coming out of season so is not allowed to run in trials per the rules. Myth will be coming along just to hang out.

Myth has been working part of out Tuesday class and is doing super…..I have temporarily put a hold on her weave training until I can dedicate time each day for 3 weeks straight. I am also trying to get her to play more with toys at class – not much luck, but at least she is food motivated little chow hound ;-).

TCLAC Specialty is only 5 weeks away Yikes!! Entries close in 3 weeks. I have a site meeting with the other specialty clubs and SCVKC next Tuesday. Next weekend (7/31 & 8/1) Josie has an agility trial. She only needs 2 QQ for her MACH – it’s possible, she has had a perfect weekend before, but if it doesn’t happen there is always the next trial or the next ;-) .


Pippin's Agility Trial Rules
-During your run, the dog is always right.
-Keep moving. If you are lost on course, make something up.
-Don't stint on the treats, praise and other rewards.
-Have fun with your dog.
-Make sure your DOG is having fun with you.
-Give the dog one more potty break than you think it needs.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 4th weekend

Yes, I spent the July 4th weekend at an AKC Agility trail, most likely Josie's last for a few weeks since I have entered her in several in July and she is due to come into season ; -) The trial was indoor at Soccerblast and it was a steamy one outside Thank you AC ! Suds was not entered and crating space was tight so it was a solo Josie. Saturday we QQ, no placings - I really need to speed up her weaves, but an awesome sit on the table...I was really impressed she hopped on and sat immediately AND didn't move ! Good Girl!!! QQ #17!

here is her standard run - kind of hard to follow...

and Jumpers

Sunday was Just a good QQ #18 whoohoo!! 2 more to go.. no video, dead battery.

Monday, Fun courses. In our Standard run I goofed, she beat me out of the tunnel at the end and we did a little dance, she then decided I couldn't be trusted to know the course and picked a jump herself....unfortunately the wrong last jump. Jumpers was a Q though, the beginning of the course was really nice. Josie had great lead outs the whole trial, and is fast off the start.
Standard - I wish the camera could have caught her expression at the end...